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Regatta Sails
Hood sails have been winning regattas and races, including the Americas Cup, since 1952. Today Hood’s highly experienced sail-designers, aided by the very latest software, will work with you to build fast sails. Hood specializes in designing and building racing sails for Grand Prix & Club racing, classic yachts, short-handed racing (single-handed and double handed) and one-designs that mandate woven sailcloth. Every sail is individually designed, using the very latest software, taking into account: the exact specification of your rig, how and where you sail, the abilities of your helmsmen and crew, and your budget. Hood Sail Consultants are available to sail with you to help set-up your sails in order for them to deliver their maximum potential. We then keep your sail design in our database so that when the time comes for a replacement, we can build a perfect replica or, if you require changes, we can fine tune the design to your exact requirements. Hood has a very extensive database of designs for racing mainsails, genoas and spinnakers for boats as diverse as 6-Meters to Mini-Transats, Open 50s, one-design day-boats, cruiser-races, J Boats and other classic yachts. We also have in-depth experience of rigs and sail-handling systems.